Rello for Mortgage Brokers

Strengthen your Mortgage Broker team

Finding a conveyancer who is on your side can make all the difference to the way a home move progresses. Rello chains have a lower chance of collapsing, keeping you and your clients happier as purchases complete sooner.

We’re aiming to reduce the massive £780m in lost earnings for brokers, agents, and solicitors through better communication, simple technology, fewer delays and proactive chain management.

Optimising the sales progression and chain chasing workflows for estate professionals. | Image: Rello estate agent app demo

The service delivered from Rello for my clients transaction was nothing short of fantastic, my clients had one of the most seamless journeys I’ve seen through the conveyancing process and I’ve been a broker for 40+ years. From Tom my account manager to the sales progressor Kylie Tucker everything was seamless, hassle free and efficient. I’d recommend Rello to anyone who needs good conveyancers, they can be hard to come by these days and their panel is unique with experienced case handlers who know the process inside out.

How Rello is transforming the working day of mortgage brokers

Empowering estate agents through efficient processes in sales progression and chain management. | Image: Rello mortgage broker

The referral process

Rello have made the referral process as simple as possible, you can send quotes to your client through our app, the client then instructs the law firm themselves.

They continue to use the app to monitor the progress of the chain and see when each party is ready to exchange.

How our fees work

We don’t charge solicitors a fee simply for making a referral, instead we charge the client for the use of our Move Progression service.

We collect and pay your referral fee.